Month: April 2014

More On Heartbleed And The Steps You Need To Take

We have been receiving a lot of calls from our customers lately asking about Heartbleed. People are asking what it is, and how they can protect themselves. Below is a description of Heartbleed, and what you need to do to start regaining your internet security.

What steps should you take?

Heartbleed needs to be taken VERY seriously, and as a result the steps to start solidifying your internet security again are going to be cumbersome.

“Due of the complex nature of this vulnerability, changing your passwords before sites update their version of OpenSSL won’t fully protect you.

Here are some simple steps you can take as a precaution:

  • Change your passwords on any website that contains sensitive information about you. You should first confirm that the site does not contain the Heartbleed vulnerability by using this tool HERE.
  • If you’ve reused passwords on multiple sites, it’s especially important to change them.To change your Norton Account password, visit and click Account Information.
  • Beware of phishing emails and type website addresses directly in your browser instead of clicking on a link through an email.
  • Monitor your bank and credit card accounts for unusual activity.

We recommend you only exchange personal or sensitive information such as your credit card number if the site is not affected by Heartbleed.” – Norton Antivirus

Read on to find out more on Heartbleed.

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed is a bug that was discovered with the way private information is encrypted over the internet. When you are accessing a website, your computer is communicating with it by both sending and receiving information back and forth. Majority of the time this is done through a security tool known as OpenSSL. Heartbleed is the name of the bug that has shown to be a flaw in the way this process works, and in turn made all of this information that has been sent between the internet and your computer visible and accessible to anyone who is looking for it.

What makes the Heartbleed Bug unique?

Most bugs come and go and are fixed by new versions. However this bug has left large amount of private keys and other secrets exposed to the Internet. Considering the long exposure, ease of exploitation and attacks leaving no trace this exposure should be taken seriously.

What type of people and websites are affected by Heartbleed?

Over 80% of all websites on the entire internet have been affected by this bug. The result leads to a terrifying number of people who have been affected or at least susceptible to it. Furthermore you might have client side software on your computer that could expose the data from your computer if you connect to compromised services. In fact, since over 90% of people on the internet have been  vulnerable to it, Heartbleed is now known as the most catastrophic thing that has happened on the internet since it’s creation. To reiterate, banks, social media, news websites, blogs, e-mail, and websites with streaming content have all been affected thus making you the consumer vulnerable. Below is a very small list of some of the websites that have been affected.


A SMALL checklist from of some of the major sites affected by Heartbleed




Norton Symantec





New: Tsunami-Proof Nuclear Power Plant That Floats!

The researchers at MIT have devised a new design for power plants that will ensure that the 2011 Fukushima disaster does not happen again. The new design will take power plants out of the mainland and store them five to seven miles into the ocean. This floating power plant will come with a huge list of advantages. These range from a decrease in the risk of tsunamis because of the distance the plant will be in the water, to a huge decrease in the affects of earthquakes as the ocean will lighten the impact of the shock. The biggest advantage of them all? Melt down risk has decreased dramatically. The 2011 Fukushima meltdown was caused by the plant not being able to cool down after being affected by both a earthquake and tsunami. Since the power plant is stored on the ocean, it essentially has a permanent heat sync to offset one of the largest issues of the nuclear power plant.   There has been no reports as to weather this will heavily impact the surrounding sea life.

Diagram of the floating nuclear power plant.

The Rufus Cuff: More than a Smartwatch. A Wrist Communicator.


With 11 days left, the makers of the Rufus Cuff are already nearing their goal of $200,000 to put the Rufus Cuff into the hands of eagerly awaiting investors. Running off of WiFi, or the network attached to your smartphone gives this slick looking smartwatch the ability to send and receive calls, and to surf the web. With the integrated Bluetooth technology, users are able to control almost every aspect of their life which has the ability to interact with Bluetooth. In the video you will see the person using the phone unlock his door at home, turn on his lights from outside of the house, wirelessly take pictures using his smartphone, do a video chat, all while the device tracks his daily fitness goals using the accelerometer. Interested in getting one? Check out their IndieGoGo site HERE, and for more information take a look at their personal website HERE.

What do you guys think? Let us know!

Meet ASIMO: Honda’s Humanlike Robot

Some of you have probably already seen videos and know about ASIMO, but what most people don’t know is that since his first appearance ASIMO has received some SERIOUS upgrades. Standing at 4 feet tall, and weighing just under 120lbs, ASIMO is surprisingly human. With his upgraded hands featuring 5 fully functioning fingers, he now has the ability to pick up a can of juice unscrew the lid, and pour it into a glass while picking up a single sheet of paper with his incredibly precise movement. We could write books on everything that goes into what ASIMO is capable of and what it takes to make him do so, but we know you just want to check out the video. Check out more about ASIMO HERE.

X-Men: Days of Future Past 3rd Official Trailer

Four our tech fans who love the series, here’s a quick link to the final X-Men Days of Future Past trailer!

New Smart Phone: Project Ara to change entire cellphone industry.


It seems like every time one of are due for an upgrade on our smartphones, we take advantage of the offer and get rid of our old phone before even holding onto it for more than a year. The concept behind this incredibly unique smartphone is to finally develop a phone that users will hold onto and have EXTREMELY customizable features.


Your first smartphone that’s built by you, for you.

What makes this phone different from any other phone on the market, is the ability to purchase modules for their phone and upgrade it on the fly and how they see fit. Though the prototype is still currently in development, major companies such as GOOGLE are making sure they are a part of this revolutionary hand held device. For more information on Project Ara you can go to their homepage HERE. Comment and let us know what you think? Would our users buy this and use this?

Google patents contact lenses that can give Superman like vision.

Google’s new prototype contact lens

With Google Glass coming out to the public today 4/15/14, the next question is naturally ” what’s next? ” Well, Google is way ahead of you on that one with contact lenses that could have the ability to be equipped with night vision, zoom capability, the ability to give vision to the blind, and help those with diabetes keep an eye on their blood. The initial point of this Google project is focused around the diabetes issue going on in the world. People with diabetes have to consistently monitor their blood glucose levels, and deal with sugar spikes and drops that can affect their body at any point throughout the day. These lenses have the ability to monitor blood glucose levels via tears through the eyes. While the concept for these came out back in January, there are new developments in the computer based contact lenses that show they can do much, much more.

Recent news shows that soon contact lenses will have the ability to zoom, which could lead to major assistance with the blind and for those of us who have regular vision… supervision. A lens being developed by Eric Tremblay and the people at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and at the University of California, San Diego is proving to have the ability of almost 3x what normal vision is capable of.  Check out the full article HERE.

Not enough for you? How about night vision? Contact lenses using an incredibly strong version of carbon known as graphene is the underlying technology that researchers are trying to effectively combine with contact lenses. Although graphene absorbs less than 2.5% of the light that hits it (which isn’t nearly enough light to generate a usable infrared signal), when the graphene is combined with a thin layer of insulation the signal that researchers are aiming for was significantly increased. In fact, the signal was increased so much that they are able to see the full infrared spectrum thus giving the ability to create a night vision lens in the future. Not only is this going to give the wearer the ability to have night vision, but infrared devices can be used to see blood vessels, sketches under layers of paint (X-Ray vision anyone?), and even gas leaks.

Would you wear these?  Let us know what you guys think by leaving a comment below!

Artificial blood to be manufactured in factories soon

Mass produced blood cells are on their way.

It’s starting to become more and more apparent that we are in the future with just taking a look at a few of our posts like Google Glass, planes that can fly around the world, boats that never need to leave the water as a result of an endless fuel supply. However, this time it’s something a bit different… this time it’s factory produced blood cells. The artificial blood is made from stem cells that have been taken from an adult donor’s skin or blood. These donor cells are genetically rewound to become induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which have the potential to develop into any of the body’s 200 tissues. This is an enormous medical jump from human to human transfusions because all of the blood being produced is type-O. This means that the blood will be able to be used in any human being and since it will be man made, the blood will also be disease and virus free. Just how big is the market for human blood? Considering in America alone there are 40,000+ units transfused every single day, the demand for it is astronomical. Clinical trials are to start in 2016, early 2017 and the plan is to give the blood to three patients with a disease known as thalassaemia- a genetic disorder preventing the body from making as much hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen) as it should. Check out the full article HERE.

ONE DAY ONLY: Google Glass Available to Public – April 15th

No, you didn’t read it wrong. For one day only, Google will be making Google Glass available to the general public. If you’re not familiar with Google Glass, you will be soon. Glass is Google’s wearable active computer accessory based around world exploration with a mounted visual display that sits just above the user’s eye. The point of Glass is to allow the user to be able to engage with the device in a smartphone like format, but completely hands free. Instead of using their hands to interact with the device, users will now be interacting via voice commands and head movement. A simple head tilt of around 30° will be your unique movement signature to activate the display allowing for the consumer to have full access to all of the apps and features that they have linked with their phone and the Glass device.  We could spend all day going over the endless possibilities of Glass, but we figure you’d probably rather watch a cool video on it so we found one for you just down below. After watching the video a lot of you might find yourself interested in the April 15th LIMITED TIME release date and how much this sweet device is going to run you. Well for a cool $1500, you can be walking the streets like a true android in no time. Click HERE to go sign up for Glass today!

Solar Plane the Size of a 747 Will Circumnavigate Entire Planet

Solar Powered Plane to Circle the Globe

With the capability of 5 days of continuous flight, the first solar-powered aircraft could literally stay in the air around the clock. With the weight of just the average automobile (around 5,000lbs ) this will be the most efficient plane in the sky. So what happens during night time? Well, the power conservation is actually strict enough to the point where the output of the aircraft will be a little below 16hp over a 24hr period. The motors that this output will be put into are actually 97% efficient so there will be little energy lost with the plane. Check out the full story HERE.