Solar Plane the Size of a 747 Will Circumnavigate Entire Planet

Solar Powered Plane to Circle the Globe

With the capability of 5 days of continuous flight, the first solar-powered aircraft could literally stay in the air around the clock. With the weight of just the average automobile (around 5,000lbs ) this will be the most efficient plane in the sky. So what happens during night time? Well, the power conservation is actually strict enough to the point where the output of the aircraft will be a little below 16hp over a 24hr period. The motors that this output will be put into are actually 97% efficient so there will be little energy lost with the plane. Check out the full story HERE.


U.S. Navy Converts Salt Water to Fuel

The United States Navy recently announced that they have confirmed a process in which they are able to extract hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide from salt water to make a liquid hydrocarbon fuel to power both their ships and jet aircraft. Not only would this shorten the supply chain to fuel ships, but now their fuel source will be converted from the most bountiful resource on the planet. Theoretically with this technology installed on the ships in under a decade, the navy will have ability to keep ships in the water indefinitely. Check out the rest of the story HERE.

1280 mph: The First Hyperloop Will Be In Israel

Elon Musk – CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX has collaborated with the Ministry of Transportation, Better Place and Japanese Taigo to release the Hyperloop project.  Just above $10 Billion, the Hyperloop will have the ability to run from Tel Aviv to Eliat in just shy of 7:06 seconds. The Hyperloop will be able to run a set of 100 passengers in roughly every 30 seconds making for the fastest travel time on the planet. Check out the rest of the story from Tesla Motors Here!