Heartbleed Rated as Most Catastrophic Internet Bug of All Time

The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability is a complete nightmare. What’s even worse is how limited you are in protecting your information. Since most who are affected by the bug are what’s known as an “end user” (The person who actually uses a particular product.) The responsibility to fix this mammoth issue is the person who manages the web service or manages the back-end service that the web service uses. ( over 500,000 websites so far )

So what does all of this mean, and why is it so bad? First we need to start with explaining the importance of OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a enormous part of the internet that everyone uses. OpenSSLis essentially a form of encryption that encodes everything your computer is sending to a website, in turn the website receiving it has encryption keys to decode this information and translate it back into useful information. This information can be ANYTHING from Usernames and passwords, to social security numbers and credit cards. On a scale from 1 to 10, this is a 20 in the magnitude of bad things that can happen on the internet. Furthermore, this enormous security threat has been around since December 2011! That’s over 800 days of everything you have sent on the internet that has the potential to be stolen. One of the most terrifying parts about all of this is that this entire bug has an astronomical amount of potential points that it can spread to. Most of us use the same password or set of passwords for most everything we do, so if at some point over the existance of this bug your password was recorded, you will not only have to change the password on the site it was recorded on, but all other sites with the same password.

What you CAN do against Heartbleed: 

Check out:

Mashable.com for a huge list of what has been affected and passwords you should change.

lastpass.com to manually search any websites that you want to check the vulnerability of

Known sites that have been affected so far:

  • Facebook (unsure)
  • eBay (unsure)
  • Tumblr
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • GoDaddy
  • Amazon Web Services
  • H&R Block ( unsure )
  • Healthcare .gov
  • Intuit (TurboTax)
  • IRS (unsure)
  • Dropbox
  • LastPass
  • Netflix (unsure)
  • OKCupid
  • SoundCloud
  • Wunderlist





Heartbleed: New Bug Can Expose Your Internet Data

The Heartbleed Bug

Recently a bug has been discovered by the name of Heartbleed which has openly exposed usernames, credit card numbers, and passwords of which hackers might have exploited during the two years it has gone undetected. Heartbleed is being claimed as the worst bug to come out as the flaw is more than the usual security breaches that you have heard about over recent years. The main issue with Heartbleed is this time it’s in the code designed to keep servers secure. This is affecting tens of thousands of servers on which data is stored for literally thousands of websites. This is a major issue for anyone who frequents the internet, and for business owners who conduct their business through the internet as well. You can read the rest of the article HERE, and also the technical explanation about this bug and what you can do to stop it at heartbleed.com.

U.S. Navy Converts Salt Water to Fuel

The United States Navy recently announced that they have confirmed a process in which they are able to extract hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide from salt water to make a liquid hydrocarbon fuel to power both their ships and jet aircraft. Not only would this shorten the supply chain to fuel ships, but now their fuel source will be converted from the most bountiful resource on the planet. Theoretically with this technology installed on the ships in under a decade, the navy will have ability to keep ships in the water indefinitely. Check out the rest of the story HERE.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye To Windows XP

Good Bye Old Friend

Good Bye Old Friend

Unfortunately the day has come… Today is the day that Microsoft ends ALL support for Windows XP. After 12 years, Microsoft has finally stopped their support for XP. What does this mean? All technical assistance, all updates, and Microsoft Security Essentials are officially done with, and the only way to stay protected is to upgrade your current PC. The good news is we’re here help, so if you are looking for a new computer or are looking to get your operating system updated we can take care of you! How can you yourself move everything over with your new computer? You can get a data relocation program that to walk you through everything to move over your files, settings, and user profiles to a new computer! Check out the full story from Microsoft HERE.

Seagate to Release 6TB Hard Drive

Seagate just recently announced the release of their 6TB Hard Drive that will be an amazing addition to anyone who needs the capability to download countless amounts of media, or who wants a massive spot to backup anything and everything they do on their computer. The specs for the 6TB wonder is as follows;

7,200 rpm

128MB cache

Encryption option with secure instant erease

SAS 12Gbit/s interfaceFor the rest of the specs on this storage beast, check out the full story HERE.

Cellphone Carriers Finally Have Some Serious Competition: Google

Google Logo

The next big thing is coming.

Cellphone carriers will be a bit on edge for a while after finding out Google is planning to establish their own wireless service. Rumors speculate that Google has had several meetings with at least two of the major carriers – Sprint and Verizon. The talk revolved around Google having access to resell over their networks giving them a quick jump into the game. It’s finally happening, Google’s plans seem to all point towards total domination of all technological markets. read the full story HERE

Da Vinci Robot Might Be Doing Your Next Surgery

The FDA has just recently approved of the da Vinci Xi System – a robotic surgeon that might be doing your next operation. The robot is the 4th in its line and is by far the most advanced surgical robot on the market. So why would you want the Terminator operating on you? Well, this robot not only has the smallest arms of its kind, but its surgical arm can do a full 180 degree rotation. The instruments attached to the arms like the endospores and tools to make incisions have been updated to the most advanced on the market which in turn eliminates the need for large open incisions which are common for abdominal surgeries. Cancer patients will also be receiving a large benefit from this as the convenience of the smaller parts would allow a large decrease in the number of surgeries required to address cancer removal. For further details, check out it out HERE.

Finally a Reversable USB Cable!

Tired of flipping over the USB plug 4 times before you actually manage to plug it in? Well the answer to this major pet peeve is coming in the form of a USB Type-C cable. The new version of USB will be 3.1 which is still similar to the size of USB 2.0. Since this new cable wont be backwards compatible, there will be a lot of compatible connectors and adapters will flood the market. A major benefit of this cable will be that the hardware manufacturers won’t have to worry much about having different USB ports on different devices, such as the Micro USB ports seen on smartphones. In turn the slimmer design will also encourage them to develop sleeker devices. Check out the full story HERE.

Meet Festo, The Robotic Kangaroo.

Well the first Robotic Kangaroo is here! Festo the BionicKangaroo is the company’s attempt at building a robot to mimic animal motion. Like most animals, the motion of the Kangaroo is very complex, not only do you need an incredible amount of force to be used to lift off the ground, but the center of gravity needs to be balanced to shift back and forth controlling the landing and to prepare the next jump. BioRoo isn’t exactly able to reach the speeds of a real kangaroo which exceeds 40mph, but it sure is awesome. Check out Festo’s website HERE.