The Rufus Cuff: More than a Smartwatch. A Wrist Communicator.


With 11 days left, the makers of the Rufus Cuff are already nearing their goal of $200,000 to put the Rufus Cuff into the hands of eagerly awaiting investors. Running off of WiFi, or the network attached to your smartphone gives this slick looking smartwatch the ability to send and receive calls, and to surf the web. With the integrated Bluetooth technology, users are able to control almost every aspect of their life which has the ability to interact with Bluetooth. In the video you will see the person using the phone unlock his door at home, turn on his lights from outside of the house, wirelessly take pictures using his smartphone, do a video chat, all while the device tracks his daily fitness goals using the accelerometer. Interested in getting one? Check out their IndieGoGo site HERE, and for more information take a look at their personal website HERE.

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ONE DAY ONLY: Google Glass Available to Public – April 15th

No, you didn’t read it wrong. For one day only, Google will be making Google Glass available to the general public. If you’re not familiar with Google Glass, you will be soon. Glass is Google’s wearable active computer accessory based around world exploration with a mounted visual display that sits just above the user’s eye. The point of Glass is to allow the user to be able to engage with the device in a smartphone like format, but completely hands free. Instead of using their hands to interact with the device, users will now be interacting via voice commands and head movement. A simple head tilt of around 30° will be your unique movement signature to activate the display allowing for the consumer to have full access to all of the apps and features that they have linked with their phone and the Glass device.  We could spend all day going over the endless possibilities of Glass, but we figure you’d probably rather watch a cool video on it so we found one for you just down below. After watching the video a lot of you might find yourself interested in the April 15th LIMITED TIME release date and how much this sweet device is going to run you. Well for a cool $1500, you can be walking the streets like a true android in no time. Click HERE to go sign up for Glass today!