Meet ASIMO: Honda’s Humanlike Robot

Some of you have probably already seen videos and know about ASIMO, but what most people don’t know is that since his first appearance ASIMO has received some SERIOUS upgrades. Standing at 4 feet tall, and weighing just under 120lbs, ASIMO is surprisingly human. With his upgraded hands featuring 5 fully functioning fingers, he now has the ability to pick up a can of juice unscrew the lid, and pour it into a glass while picking up a single sheet of paper with his incredibly precise movement. We could write books on everything that goes into what ASIMO is capable of and what it takes to make him do so, but we know you just want to check out the video. Check out more about ASIMO HERE.


Meet Festo, The Robotic Kangaroo.

Well the first Robotic Kangaroo is here! Festo the BionicKangaroo is the company’s attempt at building a robot to mimic animal motion. Like most animals, the motion of the Kangaroo is very complex, not only do you need an incredible amount of force to be used to lift off the ground, but the center of gravity needs to be balanced to shift back and forth controlling the landing and to prepare the next jump. BioRoo isn’t exactly able to reach the speeds of a real kangaroo which exceeds 40mph, but it sure is awesome. Check out Festo’s website HERE.