The Rufus Cuff: More than a Smartwatch. A Wrist Communicator.


With 11 days left, the makers of the Rufus Cuff are already nearing their goal of $200,000 to put the Rufus Cuff into the hands of eagerly awaiting investors. Running off of WiFi, or the network attached to your smartphone gives this slick looking smartwatch the ability to send and receive calls, and to surf the web. With the integrated Bluetooth technology, users are able to control almost every aspect of their life which has the ability to interact with Bluetooth. In the video you will see the person using the phone unlock his door at home, turn on his lights from outside of the house, wirelessly take pictures using his smartphone, do a video chat, all while the device tracks his daily fitness goals using the accelerometer. Interested in getting one? Check out their IndieGoGo site HERE, and for more information take a look at their personal website HERE.

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Solar Plane the Size of a 747 Will Circumnavigate Entire Planet

Solar Powered Plane to Circle the Globe

With the capability of 5 days of continuous flight, the first solar-powered aircraft could literally stay in the air around the clock. With the weight of just the average automobile (around 5,000lbs ) this will be the most efficient plane in the sky. So what happens during night time? Well, the power conservation is actually strict enough to the point where the output of the aircraft will be a little below 16hp over a 24hr period. The motors that this output will be put into are actually 97% efficient so there will be little energy lost with the plane. Check out the full story HERE.

New Technology Might Put a Stop to the Power Cord

A New company that goes by the name WiTricity has recently developed and has been testing a new technology that will allow customers to to charge devices up to 7 feet away when paired with a receiver. They have been testing the product for a while and are already able to charge common consumer products such as smartphones and televisions. The case that they have created for smart phones has the ability to transfer power at a rate that is twice the rate of the usual 5-watt smartphone chargers, and 7 feet would make that old cable of yours that barely reaches your bed a thing of the past. Check out this TED Talk to see it in action and a brief explanation of how it works. Let us know what you think!