Google patents contact lenses that can give Superman like vision.

Google’s new prototype contact lens

With Google Glass coming out to the public today 4/15/14, the next question is naturally ” what’s next? ” Well, Google is way ahead of you on that one with contact lenses that could have the ability to be equipped with night vision, zoom capability, the ability to give vision to the blind, and help those with diabetes keep an eye on their blood. The initial point of this Google project is focused around the diabetes issue going on in the world. People with diabetes have to consistently monitor their blood glucose levels, and deal with sugar spikes and drops that can affect their body at any point throughout the day. These lenses have the ability to monitor blood glucose levels via tears through the eyes. While the concept for these came out back in January, there are new developments in the computer based contact lenses that show they can do much, much more.

Recent news shows that soon contact lenses will have the ability to zoom, which could lead to major assistance with the blind and for those of us who have regular vision… supervision. A lens being developed by Eric Tremblay and the people at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and at the University of California, San Diego is proving to have the ability of almost 3x what normal vision is capable of.  Check out the full article HERE.

Not enough for you? How about night vision? Contact lenses using an incredibly strong version of carbon known as graphene is the underlying technology that researchers are trying to effectively combine with contact lenses. Although graphene absorbs less than 2.5% of the light that hits it (which isn’t nearly enough light to generate a usable infrared signal), when the graphene is combined with a thin layer of insulation the signal that researchers are aiming for was significantly increased. In fact, the signal was increased so much that they are able to see the full infrared spectrum thus giving the ability to create a night vision lens in the future. Not only is this going to give the wearer the ability to have night vision, but infrared devices can be used to see blood vessels, sketches under layers of paint (X-Ray vision anyone?), and even gas leaks.

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